Eco Smart Apartments is a project of MaLa Management GmbH, which debutes in Erlangen. This project is best described when you break down the name in individual parts and start from last to first.


Focus lies on guests who are looking for a temporary apartment in and around Erlangen and who do not want to limit themselves in terms of time or facilities available. This is why the 1 or 2 room Eco Smart Apartments are equipped with the newest design furniture (link to list of furniture available) and the rent includes all additional costs, such as electricity, gas, water, internet access, etc. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, a balcony to relax on and an Italian design bath room with either a bath tub or a shower.


The greatest highlight is the ability to control almost the entire apartment via smart phone: Access to the apartment, lights, blinds in the room and the smart TV.


Completed in 2018, this state-of-the-art building is almost a passiv house considering ist energy values. Furthermore, it uses solar energy to generate electricity as well as warm water and thus contributes it’s share against climate change and a sustainable way of using resources.
This building even offers the possibilitiy of charging a electric vehicle.

Operator and developer –MaLa Management GmbH
MaLa Management GmbH is part of the Lapidus Malinkovich Group.

This company specialized in sheltering people in the Nuremberg area for years. Today, MaLa Management GmbH is one of the leading corporations in the field of serviced apartments in Nuremberg.